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IDSRJI is today's premier research and solution platform, helping you identify , analyze, and share information quickly in the Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science, Biological Sciences and Engineering , Chemical Sciences and Materials Science, Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Earth, Geography and Planetary Sciences, Energy and Power, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Forensics Sciences and Criminology, Library Science and Information Technology, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Health Professions, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Multidisciplinary Studies, Physics and Applied Sciences, Textile, Leather, Fashion Technology & Engineering, Veterinary, Fishery Science and its Medicine, Yoga and Physical Education, Journalism and Role of Media in science, Role of NGOs in the protection of environment.

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