Evaluation Method

Evaluation Method for IDSRJI Value

Journal that have been indexed with International Directory of Scientific Research Journals Indexing are eligible for IDSRJI Value. The IDSRJI Value is calculated based on several criteria. Journals that get IDSRJI Value will be displayed on this website only.

Journals who upload regular articles in IDSRJI database are considered for IDSRJI Value.

Evaluation Policy

Sr.No. Evaluation Point Value
1. Articles published for each issue. 5
2. Discipline of the journal 2
3. Journals presense in various indexing services 6
4. Type of Access of articles on journal 3
5. Article Publishing Method (PDF or HTML or PDF+HTML or Abstract only) 6
6. Percentage of article plagairism detection 6
7. Journal website design.

i.e. ease of use, ease of access, online submission, payment methods. In case of print only then quality of printed version of journal, regularity of article publishing, back issue viewing.

8. Article topics covered and focusing on current and recent developements in research. 5
9. Journals are published on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Articles must be sequentially numbered. Each copy is an issue; a set of issues makes a volume(usually, each year is a separate volume).

10. Presence of board of members i.e. Editorial Board, Review Board. 4
11. Quality and Format of Research article paper publishing. 4
12. Printing quality of journal Cover page 3
13. References and Indices should be presented in proper sequencing order 4
14. Feedback form must be present online for website visitors. 4
15. Contact details must be present online for website visitors. 4
16. Checking hyperlinks to references. 7
17. Is Journal having impact factor? (from whom) 7
18. Journal publishing licensing. 4
19. Presence in Social Networks and Media 4
20. Language of the journal 4
Total 100